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BitTitan Partner Spotlight: AspiraCloud Delivers Value with Complex Migrations in High-Compliance Environments

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by Connie Hawkes

BitTitan Partner Spotlight is an ongoing series where we shine a light on trusted partners from across the world.

This month BitTitan was fortunate enough to connect with Adrian Edgar, Managing Director at AspiraCloud

About AspiraCloud

AspiraCloud is a managed services provider (MSP) and Microsoft Gold Partner based in the United Kingdom, empowering businesses, and schools with the best-in-class productivity of Microsoft 365 and Azure. AspiraCloud specialises in helping organizations that deal with extra levels of regulation or compliance in the following sectors: Education, not-for-profit, pharmaceuticals, professional services, and management. Their goal is to assist customers – from small schools to highly regulated enterprises – throughout the entire process of cloud adoption. AspiraCloud navigates customers from their first steps into the cloud through to strategically driving, supporting, and embedding Microsoft 365 and Azure across all aspects of the business.

Rising demand for MSPs sparked by remote workforces

Businesses continue to look to MSPs to deploy safe and secure environments as remote work is expected to continue well into the future. Supporting end-users from home has been a challenge for many businesses, and they need to have the confidence that their IT infrastructure will securely support their workforce.

2020 was a huge learning curve for users and IT teams, especially those who may have been cloud averse. Those who saw the cloud as a threat to the status quo began seeing opportunities as they rapidly outgrew their on-premises servers. Even experienced cloud users started to look beyond the mailbox to adopt more flexible cloud-first approaches.

Navigating to the cloud can be complex, so most companies rely on partners to help. AspiraCloud recognizes that even though cloud is the stated goal, enabling modern workplace solutions is critical to the success of the organisations and its employees. Technology is the tool, but people must be placed at the forefront.

 The AspiraCloud approach to successful cloud enablement

AspiraCloud offers an approach that extends beyond their core services. With this they act as a partner with their customers and build long-lasting and trusted relationships. As a result, more than 80% of their business stems from recurring services or referrals.

“AspiraCloud certainly punches above their weight in terms of delivery and cost. They’ve helped us migrate 20 Law Centres to the cloud, offering strategic guidance, project delivery, and management. We see them as partners rather than a supplier.” – Alex Charles, IT & Digital Officer from LCN

AspiraCloud believes that process is critical to delivering and maintaining success throughout a transition. This allows organisations to obtain the full benefits of Microsoft 365. AspiraCloud makes sure to understand the desire behind their customer’s decisions, what the organisation wishes to achieve, and how workforce productivity can be optimised.

Merely facilitating the shift to modern work is not enough. AspiraCloud helps with change management to streamline the process and end-user experience. Changes to business operations or the workforce experience are addressed to prevent disruption to business continuity. By adopting a partner mentality, AspiraCloud helps onboard customers into their new environment faster – upskilling the workforce to deliver return on investment sooner. For customers, choosing an MSP with outstanding support and a wealth of knowledge can also settle business concerns and keep stakeholders happy.

AspiraCloud continues to look beyond the initial needs of their customers to help understand the next logical steps in their digital transformation journey. Their goal is to help them formalise a plan so they can achieve more and meet their aspirations.

Most customers working with an MSP want one place to deal with all aspects of their digital infrastructure. For example, a large proportion of academy trusts now want to extend their digital transformation to make good use of Teams and collaboration, particularly in a single tenant rather than using guest accounts. AspiraCloud knows it’s key to build trust and reliability in order to catch onto needs early and help organisations develop a strategy for success.

By taking a holistic approach to modern work, AspiraCloud helps map a road for the future. It’s not a secret that most MSPs rely on third-party solutions to make their magic happen. Thorough due diligence ensures that tools like MigrationWiz meet high standards of quality and service delivery. BitTitan is pleased to be a chosen partner of AspiraCloud – successfully migrating customers for years, cutting through complex migrations, and onboarding users to their new environment with little to no disruption to productivity.

Additional pain points for high-compliance environments

AspiraCloud specialises in supporting customers with high-compliance environments or those that must adhere to strict regulations. In many cases, this can mean more thorough discovery and extra levels of security during data migration. When partnering with customers, AspiraCloud applies the principle that security is a fundamental right to every business and every person. Indeed, their Twitter tagline reads:

“We will do our very best work for customers when it comes to cybersecurity and privacy. We will approach all our work with the fundamental understanding that ‘Privacy is a human right’.” – AspiraCloud

BitTitan offers a number of features such as enterprise-grade security and local datacentre options which help address high-compliance environments or organisations with strict regulations.

With BitTitan MigrationWiz, AspiraCloud helps streamline the migration process for both themselves and their end-users while continuing to offer a level of service that goes above and beyond.


Preparing for the future: What’s next for AspiraCloud?

As more and more businesses adopt the cloud, customers look for partners who can offer a complete package, regardless of where they are on their journey. From taking the first steps to embedding the cloud in their work, they don’t want to have to spread the work across multiple suppliers.

AspiraCloud continues to look for additional ways they can provide a complete service from support to device management, licensing, consultancy, and technical services while treating all customers as partners in the process. AspiraCloud is certainly one to watch, as they’ve been growing 30% year-over-year. Their goal for 2021 is to find strategic partners they can work with to increase their customer base. Their range of services already yields high levels of customer satisfaction which leads to repeat business and customer referrals, but they also desire to expand beyond into new markets.


Contact us here to discover how MigrationWiz can help meet the demands from organisations with strict regulations and compliance needs as they look to adopt modern workplace solutions and realise the true benefits of the cloud.

Interested in participating in a future edition of the BitTitan Partner Spotlight? Contact a member of EMEA sales today!

Managing the data migration

The migration is a critical aspect of the transition to modern work, and one that normally raises many questions: Where does the data go? Is it safe? Will all our data be available after the cutover? Will a migration disrupt workflow and productivity?

The answer to these questions is choosing a partner well-versed in complex migrations that are using a trusted, secure, and reliable tool. To deliver best-in-class service, AspiraCloud partners with BitTitan to deliver the full package to their customers, from setting up and licensing the target in CSP, to offering ongoing tech support and strategic consultancy. Many AspiraCloud migration projects have been for multi-academy trusts that seem to struggle to get good quality reliable advice and a partner they can work with to remove the burden of managing a complex.

“With BitTitan we’re confident to have a well-supported toolset and service that offers a quick response and turn-around where needed. The toolset speaks for itself – especially when we start talking about less downtime and fewer disruptions for the end-user.” – Adrian Edgar, AspiraCloud

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