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Transforming the Modern Workplace: A People-Centered Approach

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by Liz Behlke

For many companies, workplace transformation is a major technology initiative focused on increasing productivity, attracting and retaining the best workers, and edging out the competition with faster data-driven innovation. Many are finding, however, that technology alone can’t deliver the results companies are looking for.

PwC Germany (PwC) takes a people-centric approach to designing the modern workplace, one that emphasises reinventing processes and methodologies at the same time a company adopts new ways of measuring work, managing, and collaborating. It’s no secret that

employees are increasingly mobile, looking for fulfilling environments where their work really matters. This means a positive employee experience isn’t just nice to have.

Believing that people do their best work when they feel supported and their input matters, the experts from PwC Germany start their engagements by studying the needs, expectations, and behaviors of representative employee groups in order to define personas. With personas in-hand, they scope modernisation strategies tailored for the client. In years past, no one was talking about what it takes to increase employee happiness. Today, no one can afford not to.

Learning from the experts

At BitTitan, we’ve been excited to see how MigrationWiz plays a key role in helping PwC Germany clients implement the modern workplace by seamlessly moving all kinds of data to the cloud. In a recent conversation with modern workplace experts Alex Herrera Trujillo, Aljoscha Metzenthin, and Helmut Lehr, we learned about PwC Germany’s holistic approach and got a glimpse into their vision for the future of work.

Companies are finding that the implementation of modern workplace technologies and tools must emanate from employee needs and workflow. We’d like to share what we learned from our partners at PwC Germany with free access to the full article: Migrating Toward the Modern Workplace.

Download the full white paper now! 

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