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On-Demand Video: Meet Microsoft MVP Nuno Árias Silva

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by Connie Hawkes

[On-Demand Interview] MVP Spotlight: Nuno Árias Silva

Technological advancements continue to change the way that businesses and their workforces operate. While implementing and adopting new ways of working can seem daunting most organisations have been forced to change or speed up the process of change as a result of recent events. The rapid adoption of Microsoft technologies has helped transform the modern workplace, facilitated remote

working, and allowed businesses to maintain higher levels of productivity and growth. As we look into 2022 organisations must continue to remain agile and open to further change.

In this on-demand video, BitTitan speaks with Nuno Árias Silva to discuss key business learnings about the ability of businesses to implement rapid technological change when placed under immense stress. We’ll also explore how organisations can prepare in advance for future uncertainty and what to expect when navigating post-pandemic changes.

Interested in being a part of our MVP Spotlight? Contact Connie Hawkes at BitTitan today!

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